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Meet Our Team!

VoR Sports is run by a team of dedicated professionals who which ensures our services meet the needs of our customers. You can always reach out to any team member in case of any inquiry, support, complain or assistance you may need.

Who Are We

At VoR Sports, we consistently work towards achieving the needs of our customers. We do this through the development of top strategies, insights and methods that are effective and relevant to their business entities.

Our Mission

At VoR Sports, we believe in driving profitable business opportunities between our company and our customers. We ensure that our customers get value at each and every step of their journey.

Our History

VoR Sports was founded in 2020 with the aim of offering professional services in the sport industry.

To achieve our objectives, we are driven by the urge to address each and every single business objective of our partners.

Scope of Operation

At VoR Sports, we work closely with clubs, federations, athletes, institutions and cooperates from various sport disciplines with the key aim of making them better and financially viable as they chase their sporting dreams.

Service Niche

We specialize in addressing needs of clientele in areas like sports marketing, sports management, event management, sport leisure, sport sponsorship, sport branding and fitness management.

Our 6-D Process



We discover new strategies and methods within the sport industry.



We define and restructure the strategies and goals to fit our sports customers.



We design the customer’s product based on the predefined goals



We develop the solutions for our customers ensuring they reflect on customer goals.



We deploy the developed solutions to the sport marketing during the piloting.



We deliver the fully tested product to the customer for final consumption and usage.

Why Choose Us?

At VoR Sports, we pride ourselves with unique features that you can utilize for your own sports growth.

Our products, services and training offer the highest quality to our customers coupled up with the integration of latest technology.

We always strive to be available to our customers whenever needed for consultations, complaints, suggestions and general inquiry.

Our programs, projects and training are result oriented and are tied to the goals and expectations of our customers.

We have a highly dedicated support team focused on assisting our customers on our social pages and at training sites.

Our sports techniques and tactics are top notch and way ahead of our competitors. We use the latest technology to our advantage.

Our team is comprised of professionals within the sport industry within years of experience in the sport industry.

Some Numbers

The saying goes, “Numbers never lie”…VoR Sports takes advantage of numbers.

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