CAF Champions League: How Gor Mahia failed to qualify

Gor Mahia's Miheso in action

Kenyan football heavyweights Gor Mahia have lost their ‘traditional’ slot at the CAF Champions League. For the past four consecutive years, Gor Mahia has managed to qualify for Africa’s most lucrative league. Their failed attempt to qualify for the league is a result of a determined effort by Kenyan clubs to dislodge the Green Army from the continued representation.

As its stands, Tusker FC is the official representative of Kenya to the lucrative league. Tusker FC last featured in the league in the 2017 season. this came after they managed to disappoint Gor Mahia in winning the KPL in the 2016 season on the D Day.  In the final week of the league, Gor Mahia was docked three points as a result of hooliganism to which Gor Mahia fans were highly accustomed to at that particular period. Great efforts by the current management have however strived in ending the threats of hooliganism. The act on many occasions orchestrated vandalism of club properties. It was short of that, Gor Mahia opponents had to bear the brunt of the unforgiving acts on numerous occasions.

It was both fault of the Gor Mahia fans as well as the team itself. As the vandalism was rife, Brazilian Ze Maria was as well gambling with the right tactics on the pitch. The pressure would, later on, see him quit the club in favour of FK Tirana. At the end of the day, he successfully marked the most unfruitful reign at the club.

Long gone are the days and Gor Mahia have been at the pick of everything by the name football in Kenya. Winning back-to-back league titles. The only exception of dominance being the domestic cup that their records are below the per.

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Failed CAF Champions League quest

Each and every season, from the first day, Gor Mahia have always been the favourites to qualify into the elite league. Experience, pace, determination and the urge to win and win has always been on the side of the club. Despite being bungled out in as many seasons, the club has remained adamant in appearing at the competition.

The 2020/21 season has however been a different season. from the local leagues to the renowned leagues such as the EPL, the unforgiving side of the raging Covid-19 presence has been felt far beyond imagination. It has seen the league being stopped on numerous occasions. It came with the struggle of finding keeping high fitness levels for the teams in various leagues. Gor Mahia felt the same pressure just like the other clubs did as well. The pace, class and philosophy of Gor Mahia thereby dwindled way down than never before.

Off the pitch, wrangles were rife in the Ambrose Rachier lead club. Since their election in August last year, a month has barely passed without the ugly scenes are the glamour club playing in the public gallery. So ugly has been the scenes to a level that camps have been created within the club. Thus, the morale of the office holders and the players have continued to dip record below.

Financial constraints have been visible at the club. This played out well when the club was playing at the CAF sanctioned Champions League in the 21020/21 season. it further stretched to the CAF Confederation Cup competitions where the club was relegated to before eventually being bundled out of the continental stage. During that campaign, Gor Mahia had to go full throttle into a begging spree. Begging for funds from all mortals of the Kenyan society.

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CAF’s slight hope

Despite failing to qualify for the 2021/22 CAF Champions League season, Gor Mahia has a slim chance of playing at the continental stage. Having reached the domestic cup final scheduled for 4th July 2021 against AFC Leopards SC, the club definitely has one remaining bullet to fire. Defeat AFC Leopards and be at the continental stage.

Qualifying for the Confederation Cup will have a great impact on saving the club from shame and bad-mouthing that is currently being labelled against it.

For the premier league that they stand at number four, the team can still move ahead and win the league. To make their records clean and consistent. This will stretch their local dominance despite being not able to qualify for the Champions League on the 30th of June 2021 set out by the local federation.

It’s an open secret that Gor Mahia has failed to qualify for CAF. Poor performance this season has contributed highly to this. In the first leg alone, the team lost six matches. It slowed their pace down as fights, lack of a coach and financial constraints were rife at the camp. With the struggles now diminishing, Gor Mahia can still do better.

The fight continues. Gor Mahia our beloved club!