Manchester United outsmarts Southampton at Old Trafford

Manchester United players in celebration

Manchester United is a beast. As the evening of the second day of the second month of this year clocked in, there was a certain assignment remaining. It wasn’t about the usual assignments that you’re probably thinking off. It was what a school going kid would have expected from his teacher. The assignment was about the Mighty Manchester United and their visitors Southampton. The Old Trafford visitors expected magic to happen. Magic to happen so that they be able to end their three-match consecutive losses. Of course, they weren’t thinking of what was awaiting them at the ‘Theatre of dreams’.

At Old Trafford, United on the end was waiting. Patiently waiting for Mike Dean to signal the start of business. After a shock to relegation candidates Sheffield United one week ago and a draw against the Gunners at Emirates Stadium, the best that the Ole Gunnar coached side awaited was a win. Whether they planned a big day result or just the three usual points is a puzzle. Perhaps, we don’t have any idea about that one and its only OGS and his team know.

At the end of the day, United’s strikers stoke while defenders defended the team. A night, a day and history were all made at hand in the full glare of believers and non-believers. There is a common African saying that goes, ‘never think that a rained-on lion is a big cat’. Sounds like a riot act, right? Yes, that’s it and that’s the same sound it produces anytime its mentioned. For true African children, they fully understand what they say mean. Especially when it comes from a folk older than you more so in the position of a parent. At the Old Trafford, am sure that older folks around Greater Manchester in England must have whispered the same.

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Classical Manchester United

in the 22nd round of the premier league, four teams were up to gamble their chances. At least to run away from the relegation zone or to cement their fine runs. As Manchester United was battling out with Southampton at Old Trafford, Arsenal was up against Wolves. Resurging Sheffield United hosted West Bromwich Albion as Newcastle hosted Crystal Palace. From the matchday results, the biggest winners came from the Manchester group.

Coming from a frustrating week where they lost a total of five points, United came strong to show their commitment to making history. At least that one of winning the premier league where they are still considered strong candidates. Last week shocking defeat by Sheffield United made the club to slip from the top of the table to position two in the league. Coming second to their arch-rivals Manchester City, United are seemingly still determined to overtake their neighbours.

Against Southampton, United recorded their best result for the current campaign. The team started by an opener from Aaron wan Bissaka in the 18th minute of the game. Marcus Rashford, Badnarek’s own goal and Edison Cavani’s 39th-minute goal ensured that the club secured a comfortable lead by halftime mark. Anthony Martial’s brace, Mc Tominay, Bruno Fernandes penalty in the 87th minute and a final and ninth goal from James ensured a victory for the home side.

After the historic win against the vising Southampton, Manchester United now tallies the same points with leaders Manchester City in the league. They, however, leapfrog the league leaders as City has two matches in hand that is more likely going to boost their ambition of winning the league.

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In other results of the 22nd round of the premier league, Arsenal lost their match against host Wolves. That results now leaves the Gunners glued at position ten in the premier league log. Sheffield United managed to pull a 2-1 win against their bottom-placed neighbours West Brom while Crystal Palace managed to pull a shocker against hosts Newcastle United by 2-1 scoreline.