United mauls West Ham as ‘Dave Saves’ roars back

David De Gea

Manchester United rallied behind a determined squad to win against the host team. After a stalemate in the first half of the play, it took the visiting team till the last minute in order to take away the three vital points.

As the final whistle was being blown, however, it was automatic to note down the heroes of the day. Unexpectedly, United’s long time No. 1 David De Gea regained the once-famous ‘Dave Saves’ chants. His last-minute penalty stop by Mark Nobel ensured that the visitor’s impressive start of the season was undeterred.

His save wasn’t only a save but it ensured that Manchester United fans regained hope and belief in the stopper. Towards the end of last season, a bigger section of the United fraternity had raised considerable concern about the Spaniard. In what was termed as a lacklustre approach, Dave as he is synonymously referred too was among the key players that were likely going to be offloaded as the new season was set to begin. He would however survive the onslaught as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer renewed his ardent hope in him.  Is it the start of another sweet season for Dave or just good luck? It’s definitely a matter of time before we settle on that. For now, ‘Dave Saves!’

United vs West Ham heroes

It’s definite that after saving the penalty shot, David De Gea was the hero in last nights match. Other notable players that played outstanding roles however includes the super sub of the day, Jesse Lingard. The former West Ham loanee who came in the final minutes of the match made sure that he relieved himself of the pressure of midweek. In the Champions League match against Young Boys, Lingard was heavily faulted for the late-night win by the host team. His goal, therefore, was a pure redemption for the young player who last season while at West Ham, had a super impressive season.

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Cristiano Ronaldo once again showcased his pedigree with a predatory goal in the first half. He had a frustrating second-half but was a constant threat for the opposition defence, nonetheless.