Alexis Sanchez: Ole Gunnar confirms Exit from Man U.

Alexis Sanchez

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solksager has confirmed the permanent transfer of Chilean international. Sanchez spent the better part of the 2019/2019 season at Inter Millan on loan. If the transfer materializes, Sanchez will join the Italian side on a free agent. The player joined Manchester in January 2018. Before joining Manchester, Alexis had played a key role in the then Arsene Wenger coached team. In order to secure his services, Manchester United swapped him with  Henrikh Mkhitaryan who joined the gunners as a result of that transfer.

Jersey Number 7

The deal would make it sure that Sanchez secured the legendary jersey number seven at the club. At Machester however, the player struggled to live up to the expectation of the United fans. He had fallen short of the impressive player that Manchester sorted for while still turning up for Arsenal. With on and off injuries, Sanchez failed to live up to the jersey number that he had been given at the club.

Prior to donning the number seven jersey, the number had had players in the caliber of Eric Cantona. Juventus star Christiano Ronaldo, Michael Owen, Agel Di Maria all donned the legendary jersey number. Sanchez just like his predecessor Mephis Depay failed in totality to live up to what expected of them to do. This happened, despite holding huge price tags to their names.

To add on top of other legends having donned the jersey number, one key player in the David Beckham still remains a remarkable force. While still playing for United, Beckam did all that he could in order to continue wearing the number seven jersey.

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A big flop.

Arriving in hype and fanfare, everybody believed in Alexis’ capacity to bring up the club back to life. This would later prove not to be the case. He terribly failed to do the job that took him to the club. This was despite being the highest-paid player at the club. Among the recent history number sevens, Sanchez proved to be the biggest disappointment ever since. He virtually carries all the disappointments that anyone can imagine when the number seven jersey is discussed.

Before arriving at Manchester, Alexis had become one of the most celebrated and iconic players at Arsenal. His signing helped in adding bragging rights among the multitudes of Manchester fanatics. They had not only snatched a key player from a rival team but at least they were sure that their rivals Man City were not going to sign him. Five years earlier, Manchester United had robbed the Gunners of their key player in the name of Robin van Persie. The Hollandaise would help the then Alex Ferguson in securing his last title in a long coaching career.

In 45 appearances at Mnchester, Alexis only managed five bgoals in all competitions with the club.

Alexis Sanchez Impressive form.

Sanchez has however had an impressive form with the Italian side. In the ending season, together with the Spanish goalkeeper Borja Valero, Antonio Candreva, he seemed to have regained his career. It is under this that the Italian side looks so determined to sign the 31 years old Chilean international.

Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez

Inter chief executive Beppe Marotta told Sky in Italy on Wednesday that they will be signing Sanchez on a three-year contract.

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“He is not official yet but unofficially he is ours for three seasons. We believe in him a lot and we are happy.”

United manager was as well hopeful and optimistic that the two clubs will be signing a deal on Thursday of this week.

“I can confirm that he’s agreed and we’ve agreed,” Solskjaer said. “Alexis enjoyed his time there.

“They’ve liked him, so of course that’s a good move for him. Wish him all the best. He’s a top player, that we want to see play his best football.

“For whatever reason, we didn’t see the best of Alexis, but he’s a top professional and we just wish him all the best.”

To cement his transfer, the Chilean will receive a payout from Manchester for canceling his contract. He is remaining with two years before his contract expires. The payout is likely going to force United to fork out a total sum of 55 million euros for his wages for the remaining two years of his contract.