Chemelil FC out: The tragedy of lakeside clubs

Chemelil FC playing unit

Old adage goes like, ‘long is not forever’. Depending on experiences and level of knowledge, one will either quash or accept the sentiment. That one solely depends on the person making a decision. Formed in the same year with reigning champions Gor Mahia, Chemelil FC finally called it a quit. As financial frustrations continued to dip in, nothing much was left for the club.

After being relegated from the top tier league in the 2019-2020 season, the club struggled to stay afloat. They saw no signs of hope neither did they ever believe that both hope and fate exist. Financial instability at the parent company, Chemelil Sugar Company had led to the eventual disbandment of the club. Having stayed in the Kenya Premier League consistently for the past twenty-four years, it pains every soccer fan seeing Chemelil FC going down.

Speaking to Standard Sports, Chemelil former assistant captain Vincent Wanga confirmed that all players received communication through chairman Collins Agayi informing them the club had been disbanded.

That marked the end of an era. Disbanding the club is not only costly for the players, management but its as well costly for the Nyanza region as a whole.

The decision to disband the club might have been the only remaining opportunity for the club management and so we stand no chance to blame the decision-makers. We are supposed to get concerned about how we run our sports. Chemelil FC now gone, we need to thoroughly dig deep and know where exactly did the rain start beating us.

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Falling giants

The eventual disbandment of Chemelil FC speaks volumes. It probably speaks of falling giants or an empire in the falling. It’s a tragedy that needs to be looked at with very keen interest. In less than one season, the lake region has lost at least three strong clubs from the top tier league.

Leading the perk is Sony Sugar FC which were relegated from the league by the governing federation. Sony Sugar FC had failed to honour three consecutive leagues matches. By failing to honour the three consecutive league matches, the club automatically ceased to be members of the league.

Troubles that have faced the lake-based football fans can allude to the struggle that the sugar companies in the region have gone through in recent years. Being the sole financial sponsors of the various clubs, the financial instabilities at the sugar companies orchestrated what we are struggling with today.

From the stories of once amazing and fast arising Muhoroni Youth FC to lately Chemelil FC, there is more than meet the eye. The situation in Nyanza sports fraternity is worsening day by day. For far much too long in the history of this beautiful country, we call to know where the talents have been coming from. The Nyanza region. However, unlike in the past where we were used in seeing new entrants into various leagues, the situation is the other way round. More clubs are leaving the league instead of joining. This, basically means that football in Nyanza is on the decline. It states the dire situation that the region is in and the much help required.

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Premier league axe

The axe of frustrations is still there. We can’t ignore it because by doing so, we will be committing a daylight criminal offence. Not long ago, the rising Kisumu All-Stars were finally relegated. This was after they were defeated by Vihiga United in a post-match penalty. The win against the county-owned club resulted in Vihiga United making a strong comeback to the top tier league. What we can only hope for is for the club not to follow the footsteps of Chemelil FC, Sony FC and Muhoroni FC who came with a lot of vigour and left unceremoniously.

The situation in the Nyanza region now leaves Western Stima as the only surviving top tier club. For the rest of other clubs, we can only talk of obituaries and sweet memories that they once made us believe we’re going to be long-lasting and eternal.

All is however not lost as it is not supposed to be. We all have bad and good days in office and this era seems to be one of such. For now, it’s definite that we shall miss the good game that Chemelil FC and the likes used to play. It’s definite that we shall want more and more of the beautiful game but no such day will come easily. Its, therefore, time to work hard. Time to work on the rise and to ensure that the long is not forever again.

Disbanding Chemelil FC should act as a clarion call to all sports lovers and enthusiast in the region. It calls for proper and determined investment in the field of sport around the region. It now calls for all the industry players to come on board and chat a better way forward going into the future lest we forget it all.

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