FKF Under Nick Mwendwa:The Lows

Nick Mwendwa

The determination of Nick Mwendwa to have sponsors for the league must be paying off. Since his election in 2016, Mwendwa has struggled to get the federation into a steady ship. His reign for a long time has been coupled with controversies after controversies.

From failing to pay former coach of the national team his dues to AFCON, Mwendwa has shown football fanatics both sides of the coin. While getting to the position, Mwendwa was so promising and everyone saw hope in him. It however didn’t take long before he could start his uncalled for actions. This is a man who promised everything that he could and imagine. From one media house to the other, he was the man we have been waiting for.

A very well composed and organized was the then aspiring for the presidency of the Football Kenya Federation. Having managed Kariobangi Sharks which he owns, it was hard for anybody to write him off from the race. The only person who was more experienced than him was Ambrose Rachier who in corners of football is christened Mugabe of Gor Mahia. Being the youngest contender, however, made him sail through the tides defeating even the flamboyant Gor Semelang’o. Gor Semelang’o at the time of contest looked more of a man out for a PR show. The former Youth Fund head traversed the whole country with his chopper more like a person a tour mission. To that effect, he failed to clinch the seat coming the last.


Woes of the national team would however not end with him in place. He started firing coaches from time to time as per his wishes. Criticizing his leadership by a player would see that players not getting a chance to play again in the national team.

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His behaviors would see SuperSport exit the Kenyan league without a replacement. Later on, after getting SportPesa on board, wrangles would later become the order of the day at the federation. Within a short period of time, it became too hard for his team to remain accountable. Many of the time his name would be mentioned in various vices that affected the federation.


Since his election in 2016, the football body just as it has occurred in a couple of federations in Kenya, turned into a center of all corruption scandals. It’s under this that Mwendwa became the first president of FKF to be grilled by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission. This was a result of squandering money that was meant for the national team when they played AFCON 2019 competitions in Egypt. The football then had been given out 244 million by the government having managed to qualify for the continent’s most prestigious tournament after 15 years.

Mwendwa came out in directed scathing attacks towards all those whom he perceives as his opponents. The typical him, he walked from one media house to another trying to vindicate himself over the matter. In some occurrences, he would display his anger on journalist and everybody that dared to challenge him. This happened just before he could enter disagreements with other sports administrators in the country as a result of the botched FKF elections.

With an eye for a second term at the helm of the federation, he was determined to win. In place, he had put in measures that would ensure him a smooth run for the seat. That election would later get overhauled due to irregularities raised by members with the Sports Dispute Tribunal.

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FKF Wrangles With KPL

Every other president of FKF has had all the negatives with the company running the league. With Mwendwa not being an exception, he has had a very spirited fight in trying to cut off KPL from running the league. From attempting to run the league, match-fixing allegations, ending KPL contract to bringing a halt to the league; KPL has tasted all sides of Mwendwa.

Some of these actions have led to a tussle between Mwendwa and the Jack Oguda led company with some disputes doing to the SDT. It’s under such circumstances that even some clubs have sued the federation.

Fake Sponsorships and Match Fixing.

There has never been an era when Kenya has been named so negative like the period Mwendwa has been the president. It’s under his tenure that players have been banned for cases of match-fixing. With just a couple of players being convicted, the extent of the vice bothers many. In one case, Kakamega Homeboyz Chairman had to write to FIFA. This was because the federation had failed to act upon the matter which was of great urgency. With allegations having been leveled, failure of the league to act is seen as one of the biggest hindrances in winning that battle.

It’s under his tutelage that teams such as Sony FC and Sofapaka signed fake sponsorship deals. The deals would later lead the teams into financial turmoil as no cash was delivered to the teams. The companies which were Arabian based turned out to be those of known match-fixers. It can, therefore, be concluded that the main interest of the companies was to continue with the match-fixing mission.