Gareth Bale: The undervalued Real Madrid legend.

Gareth Bale

In 2013, the Welsh star moved to the Santiago Bernabeu in a record-breaking transfer. During his first season at Madrid, Bale enjoyed his best moments at the club. Bale partnered upfront with Benzema and Christiano Ronaldo. The BBC partnership ensured that the Blancos won the Champions League.


The tone of the music would however later start changing. With on and off injuries within the season as he was trying to adapt to the league. This would mean thereafter that playing time started to reduce. On match days, Bale would start appearing as a substitute as his place was never assured.

At the Bernabeu, fans started to boo him wherever he entered the field. To add salt into an existing injury, in 2019, his club made it clear that they don’t him. The pro-Madrid media in Spain openly criticized him. Asked about the future of the former Tottenham star, the record winning Real Madrid legend turn coach Zinedine Zidane was quick to make it clear; we wish he goes away for good.

From the club management, fans, teammates, and Spanish media, life in Spain became too unbearable for the star. He entered a very devastating and frustrating era of his career.

Bale Transfers.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale’s mistreatment at the club would result in speculations of his exit. From Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain to his parent club Tottenham Hotspurs all the major clubs rooted for his signature. Besides having made it open that he leaves the club, Real Madrid would mysteriously block his transfer to China. His move to a Chinese club was highly speculated in various media houses across worldwide media houses. Its realization would have made Bale the highest-paid player in the whole world.

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While still serving as Manchester United as the manager, Jose Mourinho made attempt to get the player to Old Trafford. Manchester had fallen short of a serious goal poacher who could help in reigniting the club’s ambitions. His ambition would, however, suffer a huge blow as the Ed Woodwards led management adamantly refused to sign the player. In making the decision not to sign him, Manchester had shied off as a result of huge wages attached to his name.

With two years left for his current contract, the Blancos will more likely wish to do away with him. It’s under such speculations again that Jose Mourinho now managing Tottenham is taking a chance to sign him. With Harry Kane more likely to change sides, Tottenham has all the reason to chase for Bale’s signature. Its fulfillment will however depend on Madrid’s interest to offload the player from their squad.

Bale Madrid Records.

Irrespective of the struggles that he has endured, Bale has made a name at the Santiago Bernabeu. He currently tops other all-time notable players of Real Madrid both current and the legendary ones. His records at the club stand ahead of both Christiano Ronaldo and now his coach Zinedine Zidane.

In his six years career at the club, Bale has helped the club win four Champions League, a domestic cup and the league. Bale in his career as well, has scored more than 100 goals more that put him ahead of many other legendary players of the club. With his move out of the club gaining dominance each and every day, Bale goes into books of Real Madrid as one of the club’s best players despite him being bullied and belittled at his workplace.