Gor Mahia officials engage in a bitter fallout

Gor Mahia players in training

Gor Mahia officials are at it again. Fights among the officials are now getting into the public. In Senator Moses Wangula’s words, the situation at the club is becoming noisy, messy and with casualties. This time around, it’s not about the chairman and the Secretary-General. No, those are now foes turned friends. A handshake in between the two ensured that there is a smooth running of things in between. For that to happen, however, it had to take an intervention from above. The club’s patron Right. Hon. Raila Odinga who is a well-known figure in the country had to step up. A bunch of other prominent leaders had to be brought on board. Since then, we have had peace at the club. The standoff that resulted between Chair Ambrose Rachier and his Secretary General Sam Ocholla is a bye-gone story. Tremendous!

As things were starting to get their roots right, the club is at it again. A section of the club’s top honchos is in a bitter spat. The players of this particular spat are not the usual ones that you and I know. These are people that have lived in the shadows of top recognition infinity. Perhaps, coming out into the public domain when it’s extremely necessary or by virtue of their positions at the club. Gor Mahia’s recently elected Treasurer and the club’s long-serving Technical Director are at loggerheads. Unlike the first fight between Rachier and Ocholla which its root course was at least known. These two seems to be fighting something that none of us can authoritatively authenticate. We can only believe in the exchange of words between the two to avoid any form of dalliance to rumours which cant be substantiated.

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Gor Mahia in dire state

Real or illusional, Gor Mahia is in need of sobriety and calmness. As things stand out, the club is no longer in a stable position. Both on and off the pitch, the club needs urgent rescue. A mission that should have started a long time ago. Currently, the playing unit of the club is on strike as a result of the club’s non-compliance in paying their wages. No allowances neither salaries, the situation at the club might soon if not later force a big part of the club’s playing unit to call it to quit. It has happened in the past and it wouldn’t be strange seeing it happening this time around again. But for now, why would a club with a rich history like Gor Mahia reach that particular level?

Coming back to the recent spat between the Technical Director and the Treasurer. Nothing is as sad as touching the core of any club, the technical bench. Remember, these are the folks that in one way or the other, runs the club. They do all the donkey work to ensure that the club is on its feet and running.

Jolawi Obondo as the Technical Director of the club, has a wide experience both at the club, nationally and even continentally when it comes to steering a club forward. He has seen generations come and go at the club. Jolawi has seen both the bad, worst and cruel moments at the club. Irrespective of what happened in the future, the longest-serving Technical Director of the club has in all circumstances resolved to stay put at the club.  Together with the long-serving Chairman Ambrose Rachier, they fully understand what it means to run the club. We can’t wishfully take that away from them.

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Resolving internal wrangles

Jolawi Obondo’s assertion that Dolphina Odhiambo who is the treasurer of the club has a personal interest in his position is not news. Every other person at any serious or less serious club will always have an interest in the Technical Director/Team Manager position. The team manager technically controls the playing unit which is the core of the club. With trouble already on her back with the playing unit, the easiest way is to find a safer escape route, fight the Technical Director.

We solemnly admit the fact that Gor Mahia of today has issues and by that end, myriad of issues. We can’t however live with both our ears and eyes closed. Something needs to be done and done urgently. That’s the only point that we can assure the next generation that we indeed existed and left the club. If the forefathers left the club unto our able hands safely, who are we to break the chain?

The dire situation at the club calls for the Club’s chairman Ambrose Rachier to come on board and intervene. He has been at the helm of the club for a very long time. The long period of time he has been at the club guarantees him supremacy of knowledge which is currently needed at the club. Without calming the brewing strong fights at the club., the club will be long gone to the invincible cartels that each and every other individual continues to see around them. We can’t afford to go in that direction. It’s time to bury the hatchet and take K’ogallo to its rightful place. We have to call it an end to never-ending squabbles and wrangles at the club.