Is it payback time for Nick Mwendwa?

Nick Mwendwa

A few months ago, Nick Mwendwa was up and down seeking for a second term in office. The youngest ever FKF president trans versed various parts of the country seeking for support. His election had to be pushed a good record times. Instead of campaigning, he had limited time as the fight was always in courts and SDT. At one point along that journey, Kenya risked being banned by FIFA as behaviours of FKF had become so annoying.

That was the time that every other person attacked the incumbent. Not for ill intention neither malice but the fact was that everyone was tired having him in place. Some section of the football administrators were always on his neck for the chaotic first term. Club chairmen like Cleophas Shimanyula were ever on Mwendwa for the way he led the football body.

In the long run, Nick Mwendwa managed to ensure that all his potential challengers paved way for him. Through intimidation, blackmail, and changing some of the very fundamental aspects of elections, the outspoken administrator bullied his way to the position. He ensured that he at least captured the majority of delegates to his camp to intimidate his opponents. In the same wider scheme to win the second term, Mwendwa made sure that he had an electoral body that was going to sing to his tune.

In the long run, after hustles and bustles, he had his way. He was re-elected unanimously to the presidency for another four-year term. Soon after getting the second term, Nick Mwendwa all of a sudden turned into a beast. Fresh from the election, Mwendwa came out strong not only to steer the federation forward but to settle scores as well.

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Mwendwa with Gor Mahia

If there is a club that has felt the ‘Mwendwa fever’ then that club is Gor Mahia. The fact that Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier seems to have opened new wounds at Mwendwa’s heart. Gor Mahia has then since tested both ends of Nick Mwendwa. The worst and the best.

At time of need, he has always shown some support to the club. At times, however, he has always knocked gun blazing. Mwendwa’s seeming grudge with Rachier can’t, however, be narrowed down to the fact that they once competed for the same seat. In the previous leagues, Rachier was more often the chairperson of Kenya Premier League. Bearing in mind the fight that was between KPL and FKF brings onboard easy understanding to where the beef could have started.

Indeed, when FKF came in at the expire of KPL’s tenure, Rachier was never even considered in the committee that now runs the league. This is however against the fact that the long-serving chairman has much experience in running the top-flight league. In his place, he was replaced by Dan Shikanda of AFC Leopards SC.

With the current tussles surrounding StarTimes sponsorship deal, Mwendwa and Gor Mahia have had rough times. It has led to a show of bitterness and threats as each side strongly believes that they are right. The same has now led to Rachier being summoned for disciplinary action. Ambrose Rachier on his side has warned the governing body not to delve into internal matters of the club.

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This came barely days after the body turned down K’ogalos request to have a friendly match in Sudan. In the friendly match, Gor Mahia was tipped to earn about four million shillings. That amount according to the could have helped to ease the financial burden at the club.

Sponsorship uncertanities

There is no doubt on how Nick Mwendwa has tried to make sure Kenyan football has enough sponsorship. All we can say is kudos. The recent sponsorships are now started to make Kenyan leagues more lucrative than never before. the question that has however lingered on people’s minds is the nature at which the sponsorships come into place.

Starting with BetKing who are now the official title sponsors of the league to StarTimes who are the official broadcast sponsors, none of the deals has ever made sense. Till some thorax is pumped in for people to believe that the deals are true deals. In the case of BetKing, Mwendwa came out to announce the deal flanked only by the federations lawyer and CEO to his side.

Coming in at a time when electioneering mood was high, many people thought that was part of his political theatrics. Captained by Rachier, Shimanyula, Kalekwa among others, the trio refused to recognize the deal. It had to take persuasion for them to move into the sailing boat of ‘believers’.

He had to come in place with the thorax and make sure that all believed that the deal was a genuine deal. That plane took off.

Few months down the line, a looming show again sat in. Certain sections of clubs have up to date refused to endorse sponsorship deal between FKF and StarTimes. The matter has now led to Mathare United and Zoo FC being expelled from the top-flight league. Labelled as ‘rebels’ Mwendwa has since vowed to discipline the rebels till they conform.

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Just like Gor Mahia, the administrator will more likely go on a witch hunt for administrators of the respective clubs. What an awful moment?