Is Manchester United shirt the most expensive shirt?

Manchester United jersey

With shirt sponsorship growing around the globe, there are more than 20,000 football teams across the globe with shirt sponsorship. By reality, these sponsorships have made these clubs more profitable and financially stable. It has as well opened an industry that remained untapped for far too long. On the same, clubs receive different deals when it comes to any form of sponsorship. The variation comes in terms of, financial muscles of the team and the sponsor, supporters among other noticeable factors. That’s what put Manchester United among the most sort out sports shirts.

Almost all major companies in the world will never hesitate at having a place on a Manchester United jersey. Among companies which have sponsorship and partnership deals with the club includes Adidas, Chevrolet, Kohler and AoN. All these, are globally known companies with a reputable rich history.

This sometimes happens despite the club missing to be where it is used to be. Back-to-back European and English champions. The days that now the retired Sir Alex Ferguson used to be at the helm of the club. Indeed, long are gone the days. The days that Manchester United was the most feared football team ahead of Spanish giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Not even German bullies Bayern München could match boys from the theatre of dreams.

The club has slowed down in terms of output on the field, on the financial front, however, Manchester United is the club to beat. Their deep pockets make them undesirable over anything. They are the who is who when it comes to financial muscles. But why would sponsors trust a club that is struggling to replicate their glory days?

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Manchester United’s investments

Manchester United has enjoyed a huge investment for the last seventeen years. This is in courtesy to the take over from American tycoon, Malcolm Glazer. The full takeover of the club was sealed in the year 2005 after Malcolm Glazer pumped in a total sum of £790m gradually by buying out shareholders between 2003 and 2005. Glazer’s main point at the time was to increase his amassed wealth across Europe after conquering his native United States of America with business interest.

The old Glazer died in the year 2014 with an estimated wealth of £3.19bn. At the time of his death, Malcolm Glazer was among the richest sought out personalities not only in his native home of USA but he was a worldwide tycoon.

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Since his demise, his remaining sons who as well enjoys a wide range of business interests have been at the centre of the club. At the forefront of ensuring they control investments of the club is Glazer’s oldest son Avram Glazer and Joel Glazer. The two sons of Malcolm and Linda Glazer have been the co-chairs of Manchester United since the full takeover of the club in 2005.

The young Glazers

Determined to keep their demised father’s dream at the club, the two have always been at the centre of the club’s investment. More often, the Glazer’s have been accused of turning around the values of the community club into a business empire. Their involvement at the club however explains why Manchester United enjoys good sponsorship from American based corporates. From Adidas to Chevrolet and lately to Kohler, Avram and Joel have made sure that they hold grip and Manchester United’s financial muscle. Their tight grip and huge investments at the club has offered good stability for the club which continues to attracts sponsors from all over the world. It makes united to be one of the most sought out sports shirts in the world barely below Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Top-notch performance

Manchester United losing grip of the top? Debatable and perhaps very untrue. This is because Manchester United is among the few clubs in the world that have maintained top performance. The only slip at the Old Trafford club is the frequency at which they win trophies. Leaving the trophy dry spell at the club, Manchester United have tried to make a name across Europe and the world at large.

This explains the reason why companies are always eager to have their logos and brand on Manchester United jersey. Apart from the premier league, the Red Devils are among the few clubs that have been able to compete favourably across different competitions. From League Cups to Europa Cup all the way to the Champions League, Manchester United continues to give their sponsors the needed airtime.

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Participating favourable in almost all the top leagues work better for both the sponsors and the club. For sponsors, it helps their brand to grow wild and wild across the globe. Brand visibility is one of the major drivers of sponsorship, corporates will continue scrambling for space at the United jersey provided they maintain their presence across different leagues and competitions.

Leaving aside the visibility point of it, sponsors of the club get to sell their brands across the globe courtesy of the club. This they do, for instance, selling jerseys to the nations they visit as well as other club merchandise that are produced by the respective companies.

Record signings

Any time Manchester United goes to the transfer market, they go to make history. They sign players to break records. It’s the clubs custom and culture. Its what drives corporates crazy into having their logos at the club shirt.

What majority fail to understand is how the record signings help in building a strong brand for the club. By going for the worlds most sought out players, the club always aims to position themselves as a football and financial powerhouse. The record signings in return help to push forward the Manchester United brand and that of their sponsors as well.

Through the record signings, the club always tries to raise their stake above other big clubs across the world. Because everyone in sports is there to make money, most of the United’s record-breaking and lucrative deals are always signed on the final day. That’s not even Manchester United’s tactic but a tactic that the Glazers have mastered in handling the club. By doing that, the main aim is usually to have other potential clubs focus on other players and therefore leave them as the sole bidders. Being the sole bidders in those scenarios makes the club to always have their way as their wishes are more often granted in those situations.

Case of Paul Pogba

Other reasons that the club has maintained high signings is to have brands trust. Take for instance, in 2016, Paul Pogba came on the last day of the transfer on then a world record of €105.00m from Italian giants Juventus. Paul Pogba is one of the Adidas endorsed athletes in the world. The club, therefore, being part of those key clubs sponsored by the kiltmaker, in this scenario brings an athlete sponsored by the same company.

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The game plan in this scenario is to bid for good stakes in any sponsorship deal. Being an Adidas sponsored athlete, irrespective of the rumours that will always be there, Paul Pogba will always stay in an Adidas sponsored club since that’s his primary brand. Going to a club that is sponsored by another apparel company may result in his stake at Adidas to go down because he will then be endorsing products of a rival company.

Strength in numbers

Across the world, Manchester United fanbase is ranked at position three. This is barely behind Spanish duo of Real Madrid and Barcelona in the respective order. Not even their noisy neighbours, the citizens

Can match that fateful record. Their worldwide support base offers a good platform for sponsors to push their brands across the globe. Through that support, the sponsors are in a position to push through their products and services across a wide range of nations.

This better explains why in recent years, the club have customed taking their pre-season holidays to either in Asian nations or to the Americas. By visiting the ‘little’ know nations in the football world, the aim of the club is ever to cement their position among millions of fans across the globe. In the trips, the club always prefers playing against some little-known teams just to cement their position as the worlds leading team. That was the same case when the team visited South Africa to play Ajax Cape Town FC and Amazulu FC in 2012. Not only does the club use such opportunities to sell their brands but they use the same opportunities to sell their newly acquired arsenals in the playing unit.

As we close, brands will always continue to sort out Manchester United jersey as a result of the visibility and stability the club has.