The cost of being a sports fan in 21st century

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Sports fan just like being a fan of something or someone is one of the most enormous tasks. To be a sports fan often than not means that sometimes you’re up to while sometimes you are down. You actually rise by your team and athlete and fall with them. Rising and falling with a team or an athlete is not a problem neither has it ever been a problem. At the end of the day, we are used to terms such as ‘bad day in the office’. Just like other fanatics in the fields of politics, science, education, fashion among many others, the case is usually not the same.

The kind of dedication, determination and psyche is however what gives sports fan an upper hand. It makes them be among the special people on planet earth. To others, they will think that its madness or obsession but to a real sports fan, neither of the answers are correct.

The fact remains however that being a sports fan is perhaps one of the best things that an individual can ever enjoy. It gives you some sense of belonging, psyches you up and furthermore, it gives you some form of identity. There still exist many more reasons why we all need to be a sports fan in one sport or the other. It’s just amazing and enjoyable.

Globally, different sports, teams, brands and athletes command different numbers. As numbers usually speak for themselves, some sports commands a huge number of fans as opposed to others. Soccer for instance is believed to be the worlds most followed sport discipline. Other sports leading in the ranks are cricket, basketball. Field hockey with tennis closing the top five slots.

What’s the cost?

Do we really understand the reason we are too obsessed with certain teams, brands, sports and athletes? Maybe or not might turn out to be a perfect answer for that question. We get influenced by multitudes of factors as to whom to support and whom not to support. We move ahead to form a strong attachment with them and thereafter in some cases, we totally become obsessed with the outfits.

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The real cost of being a sports fan, therefore, lies on first, making a decision to be a sports fan. The second and most critical one is the consistency that one makes by virtue of being a sports fan.

One, therefore, must be ready and willing to be part of the sport that you have chosen. Some fans will go the extra mile in following their sports while others will just be there because they are there. We might not all know all the reasons why we support our various teams but regardless, there are some definite reasons why the same happens across the world. Below are some of the costs that sports fans have to live with from time to time and sometimes to eternity.


A sports fan will be more interested in knowing what’s next. To be a good fan sometimes mean that you have to struggle in knowing what’s up, when, where at what particular time. This is therefore one of the biggest costs that sports fan deals with more often than not. A fan will have a very busy day, week, month and so on and so on but their minds will rarely forget the matchdays and derbies amidst those busy schedules. With advancing technology in the world, however, some ease has settled in place. People no longer need to go and seat down some roofs to discuss the next fixtures.

At the palm of their hands, they are able to know what’s next and what’s necessary for them to do. By having various phone applications, sports fans are usually glued to their phones as a way of keeping in touch with their teams.

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Financial implications

There is no secret neither is it a lie that sports fans spend. Millions of dollars exchange hands annually. The leading factor in spending millions of monies annually is the sporting factor. Owing to their loyalty to their various brands that they follow, fans will always be there to spend so that they get entertained by their teams. From the cost of travelling for matches, stadium fee, buying apparels and other monetary related spending, being a sports fan is just costly. Not everyone is capable of holding on to such kind of passion and commitment.

To be a sports fan therefore means that an individual must always be ready to spend. It basically means that one must always put aside some reserved cash for the purposes of psyching up his team wherever they go and in whatever that they are doing.

Apart from only following the teams to the stadiums and buying the tickets, some fans have from time to time come out to financially bail out their clubs. This is usually as a result of the strong attachment they have with the club as well as the fact that they don’t wish their clubs to vanish away in thin air.

 As one of the implications of being a sports fan, cases are many to quote where individuals have gone broke as a result of sports participation. Team owners and real fanatics of sports are well known for the overspending in the field of sports. Some of them spend to the last of their coin but unfortunately, those outfits still go down. With their investments of course. Being the most committed individuals however, financial implications rarely brings to an end the support and allegiance that sports fans have towards their teams.

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The cost of winning

Everyone is winning so, must we. If there is something that a sports fan will never understand is how other teams are winning while theirs is not winning. That’s what hurts the most in sports. You will always want to be at the top. To be at the top of the table, championship, medallists and all other places where ranking is key. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. Maintaining performance consistency isn’t an easy job so does winning. Teams are always rising; athletes are always trying their bests. Everyone wants to be at the top of the other.

Fans will however rarely understand that there are ups and downs. However much they recognize the existence of the two twinned brothers. They will rarely understand why their team is not performing neither will they ever understand why some athletes are not performing. This cant be termed as burying head in the sand. After all, why must I pay heavenly for a dismal performance? Not logical at all.

That’s however among the numerous costs of being a sports fan. This has more often than not lead to some sports officials being sacked by their clubs. Demand for positive results has led to some athletes hanging up their boots too early, going through depression and loneliness.

Worse enough, demand for positive results has always led to the loss of lives among sports fans globally. Irrespective of the costs of being a sports fan, it is literally the best thing that an individual can ever do.

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