Will Gor Mahia survive the strong wave?

Gor Mahia players in a past training session

Gor Mahia FC is 19 times Kenya Premier League champions. The club is set to lock horns at both the continental and domestic leagues as from next week.

Unlike in the previous seasons, the club is this time round looking more disorganized. From domestic league, continental and internal affairs of the club, there seems to be a lot that its at stake. This is not the Gor Mahia that we are used to.

Questions that would then be asked are, why now? who is responsible for the mess? who is blame? And many more questions.

Having conducted their elections on 8th of August, 2020 under a new constitution, what is the more likely cause of confusion at the club?

Perhaps, there lies more than meet the eye that is causing the club to be at the state it is today.

To start with the misfortunes of the club, Gor Mahia lost it during the transfer window. Allowing dependable players to walk out of the club without making an attempt of keeping them longer was the worst mistake. Seeing players like Samuel Onyango walking out on free agent is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Below are some of the reasons which clearly shows that someone somewhere is not working at K’ogalo.

Transfer of players

Clubs around the world either developed or not, depend so much on transfer periods. The periods help the clubs to either boost their playing squad or boost their financial coffers. Is the same happening at Gor Mahia? Maybe, maybe not.

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In recent years, we have seen players come and leave the giant club. We have perhaps seen dozens of very talented players walking away from the club as a free agent. This more often than not happens even after the club spending a huge sum of money in getting those players on board.

In the rank of players who have walked out of the club as free agents are the Simba SC trio of Meddie Kagere, Francis Kahata and Joash Onyango. The trio has been key members of the squad and their respective nations as well.

Meddie Kagere for instance has cemented his position at Simba SC commanding adoration from both friends and foes of the mainland league champions. Kahata’s capability is well known just the same as Joash ‘Berlin Wall’ Onyango.

The club has however recently deployed the tactic of mass recruitment. A serious club will only sign a few players and then open contact extension talk with their key players way before the end of their contracts. that’s not happening at Gor Mahia at all. It’s a bare fact that players need to gem together for better performance. From that alone, it’s evident that overhauling a whole squad can achieve the same.

For a club of Gor Mahia’s stature, there is high need of doing business more professional. This includes and not limited to handling the transfer of players. The question that will, however, be asked is, who is responsible for handling Gor Mahia’s transfers

Gor Mahia’s leadership

With the club’s new constitution, a lot of responsibility has been among the office-bearers. Despite that being in place, however, it can’t be denied that in the current office, someone somewhere is on a deep slumber. Going by recent revelations at the club, one would legitimately bother to ask the roles of each official at Gor Mahia.

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To start with the problems that have bedevilled the club is the ban on the head coach from taking part in CAF matches. This is something that is not supposed to happen to Gor Mahia.

What many will ask is the role of the Secretary-General, Chairperson and the CEO of the club. It’s more evident than never before that one of them is not doing something right.

For how long will this continue? Time to roll the sleeves is now.

Goncalves certification saga

Perhaps the most damming revelation on the club, Robertinho’s is one of the most serious cases among a series of cases. As it stands, it’s very clear that the coach will not take part in the continental matches. It further gets further complicated as FKF through Nick Mwendwa has stated outrightly that the Gor Mahia tactician will not be allowed on FKF Premier League matches.

It’s a case that will still go back to the question of management and who is responsible. According to former CEO of the club, Lordvick Aduda, someone is sleeping on his job.

This is not the first time Gor Mahia is having a foreign coach. Before, we have had coaches such as Hassan Oktay, Steve Polack among others. In the legion of all foreign coaches the club have had, none of them has ever been involved in a saga like this one. The club, therefore, needs to ask itself where the rain started beating them.

One will then ask, how hard is it for Gor Mahia to do things in the right manner?

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Having had experience from the past coaches, why is it hard to do the same with this one? As it stands, for now, the club will either have to equate their coach’s qualification with what CAF expects or forget about having competitions. For now, the team risks being banned from continental competitions. If Mwendwa just the same way they risked at the domestic league.


Gor Mahia’s under preparation for the season stretches to the domestic league. As other clubs have been busy ratifying FKF’s agreement with BetKing as sponsors of the league, Gor Mahia reportedly is among the clubs yet to comply.

Without complying to what the federation expects of them means that they will not be eligible to receive subsidies from the body. It’s highly uncalled for a club in the calibre of Gor Mahia to behave in such a manner.

At the end of the day however, we will continue asking, who is that sleeping on his job?

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