Best exercises for losing your body weight

A swimmer

Weight is a key aspect of a healthy being. Too much of it can som, times be too cumbersome for many individuals. Lack of ‘ideal’ weight is as well more troublesome to many. It explains the reasons why the majority of individuals are nowadays trying to shed off the plus weight. To some, gym sessions have been the answer, others have preferred going the dietary way. Some have tried all means but have never realised any viable solution. A good number have as well thrown in the towel and are suffering in silence. In this particular article, we take you through some of the top exercises that can effectively help you shed extra weight.

Examples of this exercises

Walking- If you walk for example like an hour briskly daily, your body is able to burn more than 150 calories. The faster and the more you walk the more your body burns calories.

Jumping Rope- This is a fantastic way to burn calories fast. In fact, you can burn more calories in this way more than walking on a treadmill. Again during this, you are also working for multiple muscle groups. Jumping rope can also improve your coordination.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)– is a type of workout that switches back and from intense activity to less intense exercise. It is effective for weight loss because it makes your body use energy from fat instead of carbohydrates. You will burn more calories than steady cardio.

Cycling- You can burn about 400-750 calories an hour riding a bike depending on how faster you cycle and the type.

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Swimming- This is among the best cardio workout, if you swim for a half-hour or a few times a week, you will lower the risk of heart disease stroke, type 2 diabetes and some Cancers. Burning calories during swimming enhance weight loss.

Strength Training- Try to do some strength training 3-5 times a week, for about an hour time. It helps to keep weight off by building muscles.

Pilates- It makes you stronger and helps to keep a healthy weight by burning calories in the body.

Jogging- This is an aerobic exercise, it uses oxygen. It helps you to lose weight. It raises metabolic rates up for 24 hours, however, it means you will be in a burning mode even after finishing your workout.

Yoga- It combines physical and meditation. Do yoga at least twice a week to lose your body weight.

Stairs Climbing- It is a low cost, versatile exercise for weight loss. Climbing just two flights of stairs a day can lead to a loss of 6 pounds of weight loss in a year.

For all this, you must remember your daily diet during this workout in order to achieve your goal. Good diet and these exercises however if implemented together, you’re sure of achieving the best.