NN Mission Marathon: Magical Kenya pulls strong strings

Eliud Kipchoge the GOAT

Did you see Magical Kenya tee banner at the finish line of NN Mission Marathon?

Well, as things stood on the tail end of the 11th of April, one thing among all was very clear. The scheduled Hamburg Marathon in Germany was not going to be there. Authorities in the German City cited various reasons as to why the scheduled event could not take place. On top and the most dominant of all the reasons was the fear of the government that the event could resort to the high spread of COVID-19. Germany is perhaps among the most hit countries by the ongoing pandemic. At that time, however, athletes from all over the world were ready. Surprise!, Before all could go like that, Global Sports Communications (GSC) and NN Sports came on board.

For 14 days, the two companies that are currently headed by Eliud Kipchoge’s Manager Jos Hermens worked hard to put things in place. They could not leave anything behind. They were all ready to pull the strings and prove that indeed, anything is possible and at any time. Held in the Dutch City of Enschede, the NN Mission Marathon worked perfectly well. For both the organizers, sponsors and athletes, there was at least something that all of them managed to get happy over.

Magical Kenya big surprise

Very unusual and patriotic to be proud of, Kenya Tourism Board through their signature brand Magical Kenya had come along. They were all in not to present any athlete neither to lay the 8km running track at the Twente Airport in Enschede. They were here for a mission, they wanted to prove to the world something. Proving that indeed, we are Team Kenya. We are Team Magical Kenya and we are here to stay. Among the participants of the day, was the record winner Eliud Kipchoge.

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Among other brands globally that Kipchoge is currently showcasing, the world marathoner doubles up as Magical Kenya global brand ambassador.

Magical Kenya presence at the hurriedly organized event was, therefore, the best ever for Kenyan athletes and Kenya at large. For one more time, Kenya proved to the world that they can indeed perform magic at will.

As Kipchoge cruises towards the finish line at Twente Airport, he and his co runners from Kenya were all elated. They had seen something that they have never seen before. Not even Kipchoge in his 16 years running career that he has been at the international scene winning titles and marathons one after the other.

For one more time, the athletes that represented Kenya at the event felt very much proud. A feeling of home away from home suddenly came in.

Stationed strategically at the finish line, this shows how Kenya through the Kenya Tourism Board is starting to show the presence of Kenya abroad. With such ventures going into the future, we can only hope that Magical Kenya will continue pulling such strings. That will indeed continue selling Kenya as a tourist number one destination globally.

Clarion call for corporates and parastatals

Magical Kenya’s exploits are supposed to send a message. It already did at the international scene. The same needs to be replicated back here at home. As many sports are struggling to get things in order, one of the major setbacks for the progress being made is the lack of sponsorship. We can’t say that corporates aren’t there to sponsor our teams, in fact, they are there in dozens.

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With Magical Kenya raising the bar high, it’s a clarion call for locally based corporates to tighten up their strings. It’s time for them to start seeing the potential that sports presents for their businesses both locally and at international levels. It’s the same exploits that definitely propelled betting maestro SportPesa into the international scene. If well cultivated, let’s be sure of our sports flying high into the world. The same is assured to our corporates who will tighten up their shoes and take up the challenge.

As we wait for other corporates to step up, we have to congratulate team Magical Kenya for whatever they are doing. Apart from the NN Mission Marathon, team Magical Kenya banners have numerously been appearing in major events. The recently concluded European Tour golf at Karen Golf Club dubbed the Magical Kenya Open and the subsequent Kenya Savannah Classic all had Magical Kenya on board. These two events are global events and by that, it means that through the Magical Kenya exploits, the presence of this nation is being felt beyond the borders.