Laliga showdown, will it be Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid?

Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid and their sister club Atletico Madrid are in the kicks of a dying horse. Both Madrid clubs are waiting for fortune, hope and mathematics to favour their season long-held hope. As the league gets down to the wire on the final day, Laliga has in itself the possibility of having either of the clubs as champions. Mathematically, the tides and waves are more for the Rojiblancos to win the league comfortably.

Winning the league ‘comfortably’ might be the right word for the Rojiblancos. Having last won the league in 2014, the Diego Simeone side will be hoping to overturn the bad and the worst fortune that has been in between them and success.

Nicknamed ‘El Pupas’ which loosely translates to the ‘cursed ones’, by their former president Vicente Calderon, the club has seen the real curse in many folds. At the time of them being named El Pupas, Atletico Madrid had lost the European Cup final to Bayern Munich. This happened despite the club holding on a one goal advantage to the death time of the game before Bayern Munich could spoil the party by a 35-yard thunderbolt strike to hand the Madrid side a bitter loose. Since then, Atletico has lost a number of finals. Cementing the El Pupas nickname.

In 2014 and 2016, the team bitterly lost the UEFA Champions League to their next-door neighbours, Real Madrid. These are the misfortunes that Diego Simeone would not wish as they travel across the town to Real Valladolid.  It’s a hope against hope situation as they narrowly command a two-point advantage to their archrivals Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid will be at home to have a word with Europa chasing Villareal.

Real Madrid/Atletico duels

Having eliminated themselves from the do or die fixture, FC Barcelona will be doing nothing but spectate. As they take their final match against Eibar, the Catalans can only wait to congratulate the eventual winners rather than having any iota of influence on who wins the trophy. That is a mandate totally out of their hands for now.

The fate of the Laliga will therefore be defined by renowned players of the beautiful game. On one end, it will be a matter of praying for luck and blessing to the final destination. Real Madrid on the other end is waiting for any eventuality to capitalize on. Anything short of a win at the hands of Real Valladolid will do nothing but stretch their unluckiness on final duels. That will automatically hand their rivals the trophy hoping that their rivals do a clean job at home.

Real Madrid will be hosting Unai Emery’s side, Villareal. Villareal currently sits at number seven on the table log. Despite booking a Europa League final on Wednesday with Manchester United, the club is not feeling safe within. A defeat on the Wednesday match means that they will automatically miss playing at the Europa League next season. for them, therefore, the best they are hoping for is a win against the Blancos. That however looks slippery considering that the Blanco’s will be at their home yard where they can’t easily afford to lose.

Real Madrid coach being tipped to leave the Spanish giants, will be looking for a win mercilessly. As Zinedine Zidane will be looking for the win, his main hope will be for Atletico’s party to be spoiled by the relegation-threatened Valladolid. That will be the only best way for Zidane to say goodbye to a club he passionately loves.