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At VoR Sports, we provide a wide range of services within the sport industry.

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Sports Marketing

We offer to our clients strategies on how they can build their image and name into profitable entities. This includes connecting various sport events and activities with the targeted consumers thereby promoting their market share.

Sport Management

We deliver insights on better sport management methods and skills to our customers for the overall good. Player/club profile, player/club biography and sport facilities management are some of the sport management services we offer.

Event Management

We consider event management and PR as integral parts of sports. We therefore offer strategies on event management for our customers and brands with the aim of the customer to gain from each and every opportunity that comes along.

Sport Sponsorship

At VoR Sports, we fully understand the evolution of sport sponsorship. It is from this point that we develop for our customers solutions and strategies of tapping in place all the possible sponsors for their sport entity, sport event and athlete sponsorship.

Sports Branding

We develop for our customers strategies which can result into sport entities tap many potential customers into their brands. We offer services such as brand reputation management, social media management and brand development.

Sports Leisure

We understand the critical role that both the staff, players and fans play in development of a sports brand. To appreciate each of the key actors, we offer services such as organizing camps, hiking, team building, competitions and rewards to all the key actors.

Fitness Management

We fully understand people's recent urge to keep physically, emotionally and socially fit. We therefore assist our customers to cope up with various fitness demands, nutritional programs as well as developing traiing programs for them.

Sport News

We are committed to promoting sports. We feature in top sport news for our customers so that they are up to date with current affairs in the sporting world. Check our News, Live-score and Fixtures and Tables Pages for more.

Custom Services

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